What To Do If You Want To Be Dominated

What To Do If You Want To Be Dominated

Did you know that domination makes sex quite exciting for most partners? Indeed, it’s pretty incredible when you go down and explore some side of your partner or even yourself, and to do that, sex is where it all starts. It could also help if you knew that there is a reason why domination is referred to as power play since it involves a lot of fun since power is exerted while allowing your partner to do whatever they want. In this piece, four steps have been discussed on how you can convince your sweet partner to dominate you.

Always use safe words even if you are cautious

Before you dig into role-playing, always ensure that you reach an agreement about your safe word, especially in situations that demand power play. Make sure that you never say a safe word during sex. Assuming that the safe word is not out during sex, it means STOP. RIGHT NOW. Be aware not to use words like “stop” or “no” as your safe words since using them in role-play is quite easy.

Make Sure Pressure is Conceded

Assuming your partner is timid, start driving off their fears by whispering to make them confident. You could say, “I know it’s the first time you're doing this, but I wanna do this with you.” Ensure you have nothing held back and speak it out with your partner.

Ensure That Boredom Is Not Involved

Here, the most common fear involves whether approaching your partner with the fantasy could mean you are not deep into them. Your partner might worry whether the domination will arouse you more than them. Assuming that you have a naturally sensitive partner, you can drive off their worries by making them understand that the fantasy boosts your libido and no one can make that happen except them.

Do That on Repeat

After you know what you need, always bring it up often. It would be best to wait for your partner to bring it in. It is your fantasy, and you should get the ball rolling. Please make sure that you are casual and make all your intentions clear. You could start with, “Hello darling, remember that domination fantasy I said earlier? Let's give it a trial.” You should also not be afraid to mention the specifics since your partner might have forgotten the details, so they have not followed through with your hints. Also, feel free to select a time like, “How about we try it on our next date or tonight?”.


The ultimate goal, above all, is to have fun. Please remember that this is your fantasy. Always ensure that you clarify what you anticipate from them to your partner. And always remember that being involved before the real action makes the whole experience very safe and sexy for both of you. Real talk, when your spouse feels secure, they will always try hard for you.


Julia Rossa - an author, blogger, medical journalist, and certified sex therapist. She is educated at London Metropolitan University and offers expert insights on sexual health and wellness. Julia is dedicated to normalizing discussions about sexuality and provides evidence-based information through her blog and articles. With years of experience as a therapist, she also has a passion for massage and fitness, inspiring her audience to improve their intimate relationships and embrace their sexuality with confidence.

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